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2 days ago


Lambada 2k17 on the Latino & Dance Sampler "Mucho Baile 2017" ☀☀

💃 YA ESTÁ AQUÍ #MuchoBaile2017 💃

Llegan las calores y con ellas la música mas refrescante. Y como no podíamos esperar al día 21 para la llegada del Verano 2017, Nos adelantamos con ''MUCHO BAILE 2017 - 100% LATINO & DANCE''
El recopilatorio que viene cargado de sonidos fresquitos para hacer mucho mas llevaderas las calores del verano y disfrutarlo a todo volumen mientras te das un baño en la piscina.
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2 days ago


Enjoy the Summer Chill 2k17 Sampler! A collection of twentysix enjoyable relaxing tunes. We're on it with our Remix of Broken Men as well as the Main Mix of our track La Serenissima. It's nice to listen to on a sunny summers evening. ... See MoreSee Less

6 days ago


Here is the new video of our upcoming release "At the beach" including all mixes! Enjoy!Our newest release "At the beach" - Coming in July 2017 @SoundsUnited - Here a preview with all mixes Videocredit goes to: The Most Beautiful Video 2 Thanks! ... See MoreSee Less

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1 week ago


Today we can announce our next release which will be out on July 21th in the digital stores. Later this day we will publish a preview with all mixes among them remixes made by Ian Turner and Tony Change! ... See MoreSee Less

Today we can announce our next release which will be out on July 21th in the digital stores. Later this day we will publish a preview with all mixes among them remixes made by Ian Turner and Tony Change!

3 weeks ago


With our remix for Bakerstreet one year ago our relationship with Sounds United take a good start and it is a really pleasant until today 👍Mala X's new single Bakerstreet (Tbo & Vega Remix Edit) with a promo sample. Buy this House record at: Amazon: ... See MoreSee Less

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3 weeks ago


Today a little advertising for a friend of us - Great remix!

‼️ OUT NOW ‼️ Jetzt Downloaden ❤️ DANKE 🙏🏻
Rain Down Project ft. Isabell Schmidt - Out Of Mind
Remixes by Steve Cypress, Pit Bailay & Kets
📣 Amazon:
📣 iTunes:
📺 YouTube Original:
📺 YouTube Remix:
Kaufen - Spielen - Tippen - Liken - Teilen
#releaseday #outofmind #isabellschmidt #ballade #deephouse #officialcharts #mediacontrol #ddc #ddp #ddjc #dance50 #44house #dancechartsRain Down Project produced by Ralf Peter Funke, Ole Sander, Michael Ludwig | Starring Isabell Schmidt Remix produced by Steve Cypress & Pit Bailay ►ITunes: ►...
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3 weeks ago


It's been some time since we did this remix for germanys youngest DJ Damon Wick and now finally the release is announced for June 16th. Have fun with this video preview.××× NEWS ×××
Am 16. Juni kommt ein neuer Mix von Damon Wick feat. beccy - Forever Young ( Tbo & Vega Remix ) auf den Markt. Hier habt ihr schonmal einen Einblick auf den Remix.

Demnächst wird auch das Offizielle Video zu "Forever Young" fertig gedreht. Wer ist schon häppy drauf?
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Solar Winds (feat.AMX) – TbO&Vega Remix released


Solar Winds, one of the greatest Trance songs we’d heard in a while. And then came the guys of Infinity X proposing us to release it, together with some new remixes.
Of course we did not hesitate one moment. At Entrance To Heaven Records, we started to contact our loyal producers to remix this beauty, and none of them has dissapointed us, on the contrary. Most of the remixes are some kind of Trance remix, except for Intox‘ techno remix.

The end result is a massive remix ep with remixes from producers of 4 different countries. Take your time to listen to all of them.

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Time goes by – Out now!

UD 009

We are proud that our album is now released and available in the known stores!
Thanks to Ultimate Digital!

iTunes – @
Amazon @
Beatport @

Our album „time goes by“ is on the way!

As we promised, today we can give you the information that our album will coming on 22th of january. Also we attached the Cover of the album „time goes by“.


The playlist :
1. Intro (feat.Lokka Vox)
2. Blue Emotions
3. Nothing is forever (feat.Lokka Vox)
4. Second World
5. Love now (feat.Lokka Vox)
6. Time to dream
7. White Season
8. 2nd Chance
9. Questions
10. Vista al mar
11. Purple Sunrise
12. Time goes by!
13. Running empty
14. Sundown at the beach
15. Tell Me (feat.Lokka Vox)
As you can see the album will be released 22th of january!


Merry Christmas!

We wish to all our fans and friends „MERRY CHRISTMAS“!
Also we wish peaceful days with your familys!



New release „in-spire“ for free download

Before we give you later this week some more informations about our upcoming album we will give you a new track from us for free download.
Get your free copy of „In-Spire“ @ soundcloud!