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3 weeks ago


Thats really great! Thanks to all for the support! ... See MoreSee Less

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What the fuck 👍😎

4 weeks ago


Chartentry at 17! 🙂 Thanks for the Support!3 Nuove entrate nella nostra classifica:
20° Phil Dinner - Playing With Your Heart
17° TbO&Vega - Across The Sky (Paul A. Pele Remix)
15° Matt Bukovski, Andy Elliass & ARCZI feat. Aneym - All I Can Do
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Chartentry at 17! :) Thanks for the Support!

1 month ago


Great start for our new release! Thanks to all for the support! 👌 ... See MoreSee Less

Great start for our new release! Thanks to all for the support! 👌

1 month ago



Across the sky - With mixes from Mellari und Paul A. Pele

Get your copy now!

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2 months ago


Great futuristic video.Here we go...!

TbO&Vega - Across the Sky ( Paul A. Pele.Remix) Sound United Records [Promo Video]
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🙂 goodclip Zozyblue Videos (Y)

3 months ago


Boarding completed!

All remixes for our new release "Across the sky" are ready.

Remixers for this release are Mellari, who already did remix for our release "La Serenissima" last year! His version is a very atmospheric Deep-Trance version, we love it!

We are very proud to introduce the second remixer, Paul Pele! He had already some great tracks out like "Homeland" or "Another story" - After a break of round about two years he started over to make music and now he remixed our newest release.

Thanks to Anton and Paul for the remixes, they are f***ng great!This is a mix with all available remixes from our latest release "Across the sky" Available in january 2018 in all digital stores
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🙂 goodmusic&vocalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll (Y)

4 months ago


Good news everyone. Our remix for Patricio AMCs Single Wicked Game was selected to appear on the brandnew sampler "Deep House 2018" by Zyx Music.

Get it here:

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4 months ago


Coming in January - Across the sky, our new release! Enjoy the video!Label: Sounds United Records Release : January 2018 ... See MoreSee Less

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Solar Winds (feat.AMX) – TbO&Vega Remix released


Solar Winds, one of the greatest Trance songs we’d heard in a while. And then came the guys of Infinity X proposing us to release it, together with some new remixes.
Of course we did not hesitate one moment. At Entrance To Heaven Records, we started to contact our loyal producers to remix this beauty, and none of them has dissapointed us, on the contrary. Most of the remixes are some kind of Trance remix, except for Intox‘ techno remix.

The end result is a massive remix ep with remixes from producers of 4 different countries. Take your time to listen to all of them.

Buy @ Beatport

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Time goes by – Out now!

UD 009

We are proud that our album is now released and available in the known stores!
Thanks to Ultimate Digital!

iTunes – @
Amazon @
Beatport @

Our album „time goes by“ is on the way!

As we promised, today we can give you the information that our album will coming on 22th of january. Also we attached the Cover of the album „time goes by“.


The playlist :
1. Intro (feat.Lokka Vox)
2. Blue Emotions
3. Nothing is forever (feat.Lokka Vox)
4. Second World
5. Love now (feat.Lokka Vox)
6. Time to dream
7. White Season
8. 2nd Chance
9. Questions
10. Vista al mar
11. Purple Sunrise
12. Time goes by!
13. Running empty
14. Sundown at the beach
15. Tell Me (feat.Lokka Vox)
As you can see the album will be released 22th of january!


Merry Christmas!

We wish to all our fans and friends „MERRY CHRISTMAS“!
Also we wish peaceful days with your familys!



New release „in-spire“ for free download

Before we give you later this week some more informations about our upcoming album we will give you a new track from us for free download.
Get your free copy of „In-Spire“ @ soundcloud!