Relaxing Beats (Edition Two)

relaxing beats edition two

The 15 selected tracks provide once again for the background music of your very own relaxing moments. You decide when Relaxing Beats becomes your soundtrack.
All of the songs have relaxed groovy downtempo beats with soft melodies and harmonies that were selected to you to gain a little time out with good music.

Some well-known artists of the previous edition can be found with new tracks on the current issue again. Thus, the two figureheads of the label, Andrew Fields and Steven Liquid, could not take for this edition separately to produce a very exclusive track which rounds out the tracklist. With “Two Men On Clouds” you can expect a whole new sound of both. Jennie Nega, the frontwoman and songwriter of the Greek band Noetic Nega , this time appears solo with her down-tempo ballad ‘ I Need Peace’ here. Desert Road also contributes with “Learn To Forgive” one electronic chillout ballad, while Several Dub’s “Way To My Heart” was remixed specially fresh for the compilation. And there were still the new: names on. TbO & Vega with their only-like mix of trance and chillout, which accounts for their character styles, will get acquainted with you. Likewise Discoklo, who bring with “Beautiful Harvest” the opening track on a completely relaxed and yet varied compilation. Stay tuned and above all relaxed when these songs now sound in your life.

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