About Us


Is it right to talk about a virtual act as a band? It was someday in early 1998 that TbO and Vega first met via email. Vega had released some of his first tunes on the legendary Hornet Archive servers. From one of these Songs TbO made a remix that he sent to Vega. It was a cool and technically very good remix and some further email contact established. They swapped their songs and in mid 1998 they decided to start combining their power by continueing their work together as TbO&Vega. They set themselves the aim of becoming known and respected and maybe…maybe get a record deal! Since that time they were always working hard on their output quality – either referring to their songwriting skills as well as due to the audio quality of their tracks.
In Spring 1999 they released their first cooperation works. First in Fasttracker XM format but it didn´t take long until they discovered the mp3 format for their needs and changed as one of the first scene musicians.
The public first noticed them in Mid 1999, when they fought the 7th place in a music competition held by Traxinspace that had hundreds of contibutions.
Later in September 1999 they started their Net-Presence with their own homepage.
From that point on more and more people noticed the two german guys and at the end of 1999 their tracks – that still were only available at Traxinspace – had been downloaded more than 100,000 times. This enormous number of downloads and many postitive reviews made the Traxinspace staff decide to award TbO&Vega as „Artist of the year 1999“!
For the year 2000 they decided to extend their Internet activities to reach a bigger audience. They started releasing their tracks on all the big mp3 sites and became members of the artist repertoire of quality sites like beatmaka.com, raw42.com or cb4.de.
Finally, the big dream came true, when Virtual Records, a division of www.virtual-volume.com offered TbO&Vega a record contract. The first vinyl release „Cosmic Space“ was released in early 2001 and placed #73 on the official german dj-playlist charts. That was merely a minor success because of some problems in the pre-release phase. During the production stage of the planned follow-up single the record company ran out of money and TbO&Vega as well as all other signed artists were simply kicked.
To keep track with the development in computer based music production and to raise their quality enormously they stopped using sample-based tracker programs and switched over to using synthesizers, samplers and mastering tools. Learning about MIDI and synthesizer stuff took some time but they succeeded and later in 2001 they had a remix contribution to a record by DJ Session One. Finally in late 2001, they entered an official remix competition held by a german record label. TbO&Vega´s Remix of ‚Tranceunity‘ by Giorgio Ponticelli placed 2nd in a line of 80+ serious contributions from 7 countries. The result record was so impressing that it was released on the major label Zyx Music in February 2002.