About us : TbO (Peter Slotta)

140-300Peter started playing instruments when he was a little boy. Using the good old C64 he started with electronic music making tracks for some Intros. But relatively late in 1998 he found approach to tracker programs when he got Fasttracker 2.08. He is our Melodic-Trance man as he´s always laying very much efford on perfect harmonies and chords. His lead melodies are often discribes as killer-leads and his bassdrums always hit directly in the stomach!

What he use :
Ableton Live 9
reFx Nexus
Korg Legacy M1
reFx Vanguard
Reveal Sound Spire
u-he Zebra2
4Front Piano
Flux STTool

Hardware :
iMac27 (i5 – 24GB RAM)
Oxygen 49
DT 770 Pro – 250Ohm
Teufel Speaker